The Cut

This is our largest landscape project to date!  This property encompasses 14 acres with over 500’ of frontage on both North Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan.  The home on the Lake Michigan side, the home belongs to a couple with children who like to entertain.  It’s not uncommon for 20 plus people to be here at once, requiring expansive outdoor living space.  A large patio and outdoor kitchen are used extensively by the family and their guests.  Stone over steel steps access the beach.  A flagstone driveway completes the hardscape.

This house sits in a huge cut in the Lake Michigan bluff, created in the early 1900’s.  The original plan was the creation of a second river from North Lake Leelanau to Lake Michigan for a mill site.  Once it was largely completed, it was abandoned because the grades were not correct and it would have drained most of Lake Leelanau.

Because of being a “hole” in the bluff, the wind force here can be incredible!   The plantings were all new in the summer of 2016; time will tell which plants can handle the microclimate there.

The North Lake Leelanau side of this property is the recreational area.  A beach house, patio, and new sandy beach see lots of action.  Large shade trees cover a variety of perennial plantings and shrubs.  New pictures will show more of this special property later this summer!